BerlinStar Film “Clinic Cum” Streaming and Download

"Clinic Cum" Front Cover
"Clinic Cum" Back Cover

Clinic Cum:, released in 2009 by BerlinStar Film, delves into twisted medical exam fantasies. Although the level of bondage is light and the latex coverage is only in a few scenes, the perverted intensity of the themes and activities in these videos should appeal to any serious latex / rubber / bondage fetishist.

Divided into six scenes, the first features a young “doctor” clad in a loose-fitting but full natural latex catsuit and waders, performing a series of “procedures” on a naked, gagged subject whose legs are spread wide in stirrups. A healthy injection of lube into the subject’s urethra via syringe precedes the insertion of a long, narrow metal sound with a bulbous tip. The intensity ratchets up as a larger, hollow sound is inserted, and you can see the doctors “enthusiasm” for his work stiffening through (Continued)

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