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RubberZone: "The Box" and "First Rubber Cum" Video Download

Rubber Bondage Test Subject Strapped to a Gurney
On go the Probes!
Won't you let me put you in this bondage box contraption?
First time full-rubber self-pleasure!

This offering comes from RubberZone - A profiles site for men into latex, rubber, and bondage.

In "The Box", a rubber-clad "volunteer" test subject is recruited to enter an intimidating, windowless confinement cage. Continuously welded on all sides, the subject, tightly bound in a rubber straitjacket, is in complete blackness. But we get to see! He's monitored by a series of night-vision cameras, and his "controller" can manipulate him using a series of vibrating probes strapped to his helpless cock, controlled from a panel outside The Box.

But we get ahead of ourselves! Before entering The Box, our test subject is rendered completely immobile and helpless on a hospital gurney modified with many, many, tight rubber straps, constricting his breathing. To make sure he can't move an inch, a locking leather posture collar is added, turning his hooded, gasmasked head into a rigid prison of it's own. But all this serves to give the test subject a massive, throbbing hard-on, which is controller uses to great advantage to tease and torment using his lubed, rubber-gloved hand in a game of slow pleasure-torture and denial.

Starring Dane Dunsmuir as the test subject, an enthusiastic newcomer to performing, but a genuine lover of bondage, confinement and control, and Bondagenmore, as the expert, dispassionate and unyielding administrator of bondage pleasure and torment.

This download package also features a bonus video, "First Rubber Cum", a short feature of Dane's true first time getting geared up and getting himself off in rubber. A treat to see his first time, and an even bigger treat to see him stroke his lengthy cock!

Both videos in the download package combined total 32 minutes.

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