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BerlinStar Film “Clinic Cum” Streaming and Download

"Clinic Cum" Front Cover
"Clinic Cum" Back Cover

Clinic Cum:, released in 2009 by BerlinStar Film, delves into twisted medical exam fantasies. Although the level of bondage is light and the latex coverage is only in a few scenes, the perverted intensity of the themes and activities in these videos should appeal to any serious latex / rubber / bondage fetishist.

Divided into six scenes, the first features a young “doctor” clad in a loose-fitting but full natural latex catsuit and waders, performing a series of “procedures” on a naked, gagged subject whose legs are spread wide in stirrups. A healthy injection of lube into the subject’s urethra via syringe precedes the insertion of a long, narrow metal sound with a bulbous tip. The intensity ratchets up as a larger, hollow sound is inserted, and you can see the doctors “enthusiasm” for his work stiffening through the transparent catsuit, as the subject is involuntarily drained of piss, dripping into a puddle on the floor.

After that, a Foley-style catheter is added and inflated, and then the doctor moves on to a 2nd subject who is introduced already sitting on the floor. This new subject is soon catheterized as well, generating a new puddle, and he seems to really enjoy it, thrusting hard and undulating into the air.

Meanwhile, the collection bag for Subject #1 has been filling up quite substantially, and in a twisted move, the doctor picks it up and hangs it high on a stand, causing reversal of the flow back into the bladder of the patient. The scene continues with more piss games of a similar nature for both subjects.

Scene 2 picks up with more latex as the doctor and his subject are both clad in black surf suits and wearing gas masks. Unfortunately, no bondage is involved at this point, but the doctor warms his subject up with a brief bit of rimming and fingering. This is followed by a well-lubed pube-shaving procedure including shaving the subject’s balls nice and smooth. After the shaving, leather medica restraints are added to the legs, and the cute young doctor goes in for a brief blow job on the freshly prepared cock.

The prepped subject is then probed with a long enema hose, and is administered a modest amount of fluid which he must retain as the hose is removed. The subject clearly enjoys all this, and after some more finger probing and teasing, his cavity is injected with lube by a massive syringe, and then he’s administered yet another enema!. As the last quantities of solution trickle inside, the doctor services the subject’s cock with hands and mouth, while also pleasuring himself as he is no longer able to maintain his professional demeanor. The conclusion is bizarre as the clear fluids are released flying all the way across to the doctor prior to both the doctor and subject making messy white explosions to add to what has become a rather rank exam room

The remaining scenes follow along similar themes, with the doctor changing to a white latex apron and employing the assistance of a 2nd subject. One scene features a massive double-ended dildo as two subjects in white latex T-shirts are brought to bear down on it simultaneously.

The video is not without its problems: A musical soundtrack plays throughout and while not so loud as to completely drown out the actual noises of what’s happening, it is loud enough to be ever-present and annoying. There are many cuts and edits in the video, so the natural progression of a scene isn’t always clear – where did a hose go, what happened after a syringe, etc. Yet still, there is enough novelty and variety in this video to make it worth checking out. We recommend a streaming service such as our Rubber Bondage Videos Theater so that the video may be easily navigated according to personal preference.

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