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RubberZone: "The Secret Chair" Video Download

Master wheels in a surprise
Total head immobilization in metal
Hard, throbbing, dripping, helpless cock
Straining and struggling to no avail

As this new feature from RubberZone opens, we find The Secret Chair in a hidden room of an old mansion in Northern California. A totally rubber-clad, masked and gagged slave is being led in by his Master through the secret door behind book-lined and dusty library.

The slave’s latex mask is two-layered. The inner layer is a tight-fitting rubber hood with a large internal penis gag that effectively prevents any sound, and the outer mask has all the plumbing for the total control of the slave’s breathing. The slave’s tight-fitting suit is made up of a short-sleeved, full-access surf suit and a belted pair of full-access zippered leggings. It is an outfit to control and force the slave to sweat his circumstances.

Inside the secret room, we find a wall-mounted, highly engineered and modern steel bondage chair – ready for the slave’s helpless occupation. With a glaze in his eyes, the slave is led to the chair by his Master. You can see a short period of hesitation. He resists what he knows his Master wants. Master will have no part of this hesitation and he sets about the work of making the slave part of the chair. The chair is designed with a Y-shaped seat to immobilize the slave’s legs, and wall straps to immobilize the slave’s arms. The chair itself is integrated with a metal track system on the room’s wall – it’s not just in the room, it IS the room.

The slave’s body trembles slightly as he approaches the chair, and his Master spins him around to place him in position for a steel framed control device. The slave’s dick is fully exposed and available for torture once the slave is strapped in. The slave’s eyes tell us that he knows this, but there is little he can do to escape. The slave appears ready for the first stage of his torture. His cock and balls have a tight leather ball divider and spreader. His dick hardens as his Master positions him for immobilization.

The slave’s first emotion is fear as his head is locked into a steel head stock. To ensure that the slave cannot see what the Master is planning for the rest of his body, an additional stock shaped locking device is put in place to limit the head’s vertical movement, and prevent the slave from viewing the rest of his rubber-clad body. Inside the mask, the slave protests, but his feeble sounds are silenced by the gag and heavy double-layered rubber mask. The slave’s future looks grim, and his eyes show the flash of fear.

Next, each foot is placed on the chair’s stiff single-leg rests – there will be no touching of the floor for this slave. His dick is exposed and ready for his Master’s torment. To further seal the slave’s fate, each leg is strapped wide and tightly to the V-shaped seat. The slave’s eyes widen as he is tightly spread to his maximum width, putting all pressure on his exposed and excited cock and balls. Although the straps are sheepskin covered, the leather bands, that give them strength, capture his legs in an iron like-grip.

The Master is enjoying his work and cannot resist torturing the slave’s exposed cock and balls that have been waiting weeks for a cum release. The straps on his cock and balls make the harsh slaps and prods to his exposed penis painful. The slave’s eyes again speak volumes by professing he is under the complete control of his Master, and that his punishment is likely to be harsh and long.

Next, Master starts on the slave’s arms and they are strapped to the wall, forcing him into a Y-formation that prevents using his hands to protect his cock and balls. The straps are at two critical places: the wrists and the elbows. The slave is helpless to fight back should Master’s treatment grow too painful. The slave can now make only a little movement, but only in a futile, exhausting manner.

As the Master adds additional straps to the midsection of the slave’s body, his dick drips ample pre cum, welling up from weeks of denial. The straps around his chest cut into the rubber-compressed skin of the slave’s chest. He struggles to get loose but the complete lack of progress only enhances his sense of helplessness. Pre-cum continues to drip from the slave’s cock, letting all viewers of this RubberZone movie know that his fear of his unknown fate is only feeding his horny arousal.

After the slave is left to further contemplate fate and continue his hopeless struggle against the many straps that now hold his horny body vulnerable to the Master’s every whim, we notice that he is still dripping. Then fear immediately returns to the slave’s eyes as the Master enters with a curious medical cart carrying a hose and twin fluid rebreather. The rebreather is set up next to the chair as the Master firmly attaches the rebreather’s hoses firmly to the gas port on the slave’s double-layered latex mask.

The breath control equipment has liquids inside designed to make the lungs work hard to draw each precious breath. The rubber feels tighter, and the slave sweats more as he becomes increasingly horny. Although struggling not to succumb to the overwhelming heat inside the rubber suit, his eyes tell us his need to ejaculate is building to volcano pressure. Bubbling liquids in the equipment forces the slave to draw increasingly limited volumes of air.

After an extremely long period of the slave cooking within the rubber suit, the Master appears ready to test the effects his chemical concoction has had on the long-suffering slave. He establishes eye contact to be sure the slave has suffered sufficiently. The Master shows the slave a vibrator he has brought with him. The slave is thunderstruck with fear – using all his remaining self-control to cope with the heat, sweat, tight bondage, and restricted, heavy breathing – this extra bit of stimulation (however desirable in other circumstances) may just push him over the edge for good.

The Master uses the vibrating tool on the slave’s cock and balls, bringing them to a maximum rock-hard state. The slave screams into his gag for a chance to cum, but the Master ignores the mumbling sounds. Once the slave is rock hard, and near the point of ejaculation, his Master starts to edge play his cock and balls with alternating pleasure and pain.

The slave fights against his bonds in the chair to get against the pleasure-torture he is experiencing, trying to find solace in even a slight change of position. The Master, however, is in complete control, and only after a long and painful struggle is the slave allowed to ejaculate a geyser of cum from his dick. The slave screams a loud and terrible sound into his gag.

The ejaculation empties him of volumes of cum, but the Master’s rebreather, still attached and as strict as ever, turns the slave’s mind immediately past pleasure and to his unresolved predicament. As the slave remains bondage, panting and slightly panicked, he is left to wonder if he will ever be released, or if there is more in store for him, locked in the embrace of The Secret Chair.

This feature stars Surrenderspirit and Boundtob, and is 16 minutes in length. Produced by the RubberZone online fetish community site with special thanks to SeriousMaleBondage for arranging privileged access to the mansion and it’s delights.

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